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London-based fashion company Bantou Wear combines trendy and edgy design with very affordable price tags.  Born in 2014, the brand recently celebrated its viral success on social media in helping make the brand more well known and popular.  With new designs on the way Bantou Wear expects this momentum to continue.


For shoppers searching for a fashion brand that combines exciting new designs that take inspiration from diverse sources, with a high energy approach and quite affordable price tags, there's no doubt London-based Bantou Wear gives plenty of reason to be excited.  Founded in 2014 and steadily building a higher and higher profile, the company recently celebrated the unexpected success they have found on social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where the brand's posts are shared and re-tweeted very frequently.

“We are very happy about the response our designs and our brand have received and we know this is just going to continue to grow,”  commented a spokesperson from Bantou Wear.  “We are approaching fashion in a fun, high energy way and by keeping our price tags as low as possible we are also keeping our doors open to everyone who loves fashion to explore what we are offering.”


According to the company, their line, which is very influenced by Afro-Caribbean, European and American fashion, includes:  sweater, t-shirts and head wear currently.  Many designs are only available as pre-orders.  Additions are added very frequently, and the company advises stopping by their online shop very often to see the latest available.


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